Uncle John's Bar-B-Que
Windy City BBQ, Southern Comfort

17947 S Halsted

Homewood, IL 60430


Avoid the Lines.  Call ahead and place your order for pick-up!

"the holy grail of smoked meats in the Windy City"

Smoking, Chocking, and Chowing with the King


"The rib tips are a wonder and seem to suck up the smoke flavor like no other cut."

Serious Eats


"You can try bringing your goodies home, but it’s a good bet that the smell wafting from the styrofoam box will have you pulling over and digging in for grub a few miles from Uncle John's. "



"I didn't even need directions. The smoke stack will tell you where to go and your nose will lead the way. "

Chicago's Best


"Of course you can get ribs and tips here. But when you come to Uncle John's, you gotta get the hotlinks. "

 ABC Eyewitness News - Hungry Hound


"The rib tips are smoky (but not too smoky), extremely juicy from a good dose of fat, meatier than elsewhere in town "

TimeOut Chicago


Uncle John's
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Top tier BBQ legacy lives on quite well in Richton Park… these are the same amazing tips and links that everybody loves… great BBQ is definitely worth the trip…sometimes the sequel can be as good as the original.
LTH Forum
Class of 2014
Winner of the Greatest Neighborhood Restaurants and Resources Award


Short of Sevier pulling a '96 Michael Jordan and returning to the game, I'm happy to report the Richton Park Uncle John's is not only a worthy successor, but aspects of this location — dare I say — exceed the original.
Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribunehttp://articles.chicagotribune.com/2014-04-09/features/ct-uncle-johns-bbq-20140410-20140410_1_pitmaster-mack-sevier-barbecue