Uncle John's Bar-B-Que
Windy City BBQ, Southern Comfort

17947 S Halsted

Homewood, IL 60430



After working in the corporate world of Finance and Logistic for over 20 years, Garry Kennebrew Sr., owner and operator of

Uncle John's BBQ in Richton Park, IL, could no longer deny his southern roots driving his desire for great BBQ. A native of Gasden, Alabama, Garry grew up with the best of the south; BBQ cooked low and slow, for hours on end in the gentle smoke of hickory wood as the meat became so tender and succulent it would fall from the bone as soon as it was lifted from the plate. However living in the south suburbs of Chicago, Garry noticed that there were no good down home BBQ restaurants in the area.

So he found himself reaching out to fellow BBQ connoisseur Mack Sevier, his godfather and owner of the original Uncle John's BBQ located at 69th and Calumet in Chicago. Mack shared with him the secrets of the family recipe for making the best BBQ in the Windy City; the special dry spice rub, the savory sweet sauce, and the flavorful wood mixture that all come together to produce a mouth watering experience which give Uncle John's slabs, tips, and links their distinctive flavor.

Today you can find Garry at Uncle John's in Richton Park, IL doing what he does best; serving great BBQ and treating everyone who enters through the door like family. It just goes to show you can take the man from the south, but you can never take the south out of the man!

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